Emergency Contact

24 Hours Emergency Number

The time is 7:00pm on a Friday night and you have contracted with a bus company to pick your group up at 7:00pm at the local hotel. However, you have had to change your pickup location at the last moment because of a parking issue. You call the company phone number and you get no answer, they have all gone home.

That will never happen at Wombles Transportation. We have a 24 hour Emergency number. We are the only bus company in the Kentucky area that has a 24 hour Emergency number.

Most of the other bus companies have an answering service that is located in another state and knows nothing about the bus company that you are calling. They only take down your name and number and will try to page someone that works at the bus company. Most of the time this procedure can take up to one hour to get a response. At Wombles Transportation, we have a real company employee on call all the time, Even Christmas day. This person can give you information about your upcoming trip or can give you details on where your bus is right now. (Please note that this person may not be able to quote trips. )

To reach the after hours on call employee simply call 859-421-1358 and within moments you will be speaking directly to one of our employees.