Contract Terms

Once a contract has been issued the charter is in contract status and subject to all cancellation policies and procedures.

Payment: payments are due on or before the dates stated on the contract. Payments made by credit card may incur a processing fee.

Cancellation procedures: charter contracts must be cancelled by phone. Office hours are mon-fri 9:00am – 5:00pm. When calling our office to cancel a trip you must obtain a cancellation number.

Cancellation policies: cancellation must be received by our office no later than 60 days prior to trip. If the trip is cancelled after that date, no less than the deposit will be assessed. If cancellation is made 21 days of the trip the full amount due will be charged. Alternate cancellation terms may be noted on the first page of the contract.

Boxed meals & drinks: payment must be made according to contract. Cancellation must be made 5+ days in advance of trip. Charter party is responsible for any damages incurred. Wombles is not responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to food or drink.

Food and drink: eating and drinking will only be allowed by special permission which must be obtained in advance.

Hotel policy: charter groups are required to secure and pay in full a private hotel room for each driver for each overnight stay. The hotel should have onsite accomodations for bus parking. (this cost is additional to the charter total.)

Charter fees: charter fees are based upon itinerary. Any changes to the itinerary listed on the contract may result in increased charter fees. No additional service may be performed without the signature of the person securing payment.

Scheduled events: Wombles Transportation cannot refund any monies lost for air transportation, cruise lines, or other costs due to unavoidable delays.

Driver restrictions: per department of transportation regulations: during each work period, a driver may drive up to ten (10) hours and may be on duty up to fifteen (15) hours. After that time, at least nine (9) hours of rest away from the coach is required before service may resume.

Baggage: Wombles Transportation Inc. is not liable for any damage to or loss of any personal items left on the bus. The handling of baggage is at the passenger’s own risk. Drivers are not responsible for loading and/or unloading of luggage. Groups may request their driver to move luggage. Should the driver agree to do so $1.00 per bag is to paid to the driver at the time of service.

Service ability: it is understood and agreed that the performance of the service detailed in this contract is subject to tariff regulatons and is contingent upon the carrier’s ability to furnish the equipment and perform the service.

Damage to bus: the charter party will be responsible for any damage or unusual cleaning that must be made to the bus.

Itinerary: a detailed itinerary is required along with the balance by the full payment due date.

Tolls and parking: the charter party is responsible for any and all tolls and parking fees.

Tv, dvd & wifi: are not charged, and therefore there can be no refunds for possible loss of use. The programs watched are the responsibility of the charter party. Drivers have the right to restrict the use of equipment.

Smoking: there is absolutely no smoking on any bus at any time.

Tax information: Wombles Transportation, Inc. is a kentucky corporation and is not subject to backup withholding. Federal identification number is #20-3161020.

Late charge: any trip charges left unpaid after the date of the trip will be charged a late fee of 1 ½ %.

Fuel surcharge: an additional fee may be assessed based on cost of fuel at the time of your trip